Bed Bugs Back and Booming

Bed Bugs are Back and Booming!

Bed bugs are not only a problem here in Houston, but they are booming everywhere. Uncertain to why they are back so rampant after almost 50 years of extinction in the US, many are blaming international travel, and some blame immigration… however, its highly doubtful that immigrants could be the sole cause. The Bed Bug problem reaches as far North as New York city, where they estimate an 30% increase over the past year. No matter the cause, the bed bug news goes from bad to worse. The recent Bed Bug Summit came away with no real solution.

Here are a few quick tips:

  • 1- Wash your sheets regularly.
  • 2- Wash your clothes after staying in hotels. All clothes, both used and unused.
  • 3- Cover mattresses with plastic bed bug sheets.***
  • *** Probably the most important tip. As mattress covers not only prevent them from nesting in your bed but can also help eliminate those that already have infested mattresses.

    Get Mattress and box spring covers here: Bed Bugs

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