Pest Control – Local Search Maps Results

Great article on how google’s local pest control results in the google map section is affecting pest control companies.

Google Maps and Pest Control

Its unfortunate that Google’s results are being manipulated with fraudulent addresses, black hat seo, and spam. If you don’t want this to happen to you then get some help with your SEO and beware of callers that promise to get you to the top of the maps. It’s not that difficult to get listed in google maps. Getting to the top of google maps is different.

For more information and help with google maps email- tshirtseo (at)

Bing also has a maps section but it is powered by Yahoo has their map section as well, but it is a paid listing. Google maps are free and if you are doing it correctly then you will show up just fine. If you are a pest control company outside the Houston Area then we are happy to assist you. If you are a business within the Houston area then we are happy to assist you. Just email tshirtseo (at)

Google 7 Box

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