Bulwark Exterminating Receives a Customer Review – Houston pest control

The technician, Tyler T., that treated my home today called me to let me know that upon his arrival he noticed that my backdoor was left wide open. Although I had already received a call from my home security company and was on my way home to find out what happened, I was very much appreciative of the extra step Tyler took to ensure that my home was safe and secure. When I arrived home, I noticed that he was waiting down the street for my arrival. Great customer service! Additionally, each and everytime I speak with a representative from Bulwark they always go out of their way to make sure I that I am a happy customer. Customer service is extremely important to me and the excellent service that I receive from Bulwark will keep me a customer for a long time to come!


Thank you klamaestra1 for writing a Bulwark Exterminating customer review and thanks to Tyler for doing a job-well-done!  Continue to be the great exterminator that you are!

Bulwark Exterminating

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