Houston pest control Company gets Reviewed – Bulwark Exterminating

Prince, visited my home on April 16, 2010. First visit, by Bulwark. Had another company, but let them go for poor service. If this visit is a sign of things to come, will be a long term customer of Bulwark. Prince was friendly, and very outgoing. He was really interested in taking good care of my home, and pets. Already seeing signs that there product works, so am completely satisfied.


Thank you Bill for writing a customer review about our excellent exterminator, Prince!  Thanks Prince for being one fantastic exterminator!

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One thought on “Houston pest control Company gets Reviewed – Bulwark Exterminating

  1. Rob Wane

    The longer you put things off, the bigger the problem is likely to get. The easiest solution is to go for the chemical approach and wipe the little suckers out.

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