The Rasberry Ant: A Houston Original

Rasberry Ant

Rasberry Ant

The Crazy Rasberry ant (not to be confused with raspberry) was discovered in Houston, TX by exterminator Tom Rasberry. Since the ant’s discovery in 2002, the Rasberry ant has spread to 24 different counties in the state of Texas; and to other states across the South. The ants prefer the moisture, warmth, and humidity of the coast.

Characteristics Of Rasberry Ants

Rasberry ants, sometimes referred to as Tawny crazy ants, range in size from 1/16-1/8 inches long. They have slender bodies with long legs, and long antenna. They are reddish-brown in color, and are covered with fuzz. This fuzz makes the ant appear less glossy then other species of ant; and lead many to define the ant as “hairy.”

The Crazy Rasberry ant is a type of Crazy ant, that is well know for its rapid erratic movements. They do not move linearly like other ant species. If you were to watch the ant crawl, you might think it was lost or confused. This behavior is why the ant is labeled as “crazy.”

Why Rasberry Ants Are Harmful

Rasberry ants cause harm, both physical and economic, in several different ways. Large numbers of Rasberry ants cause short circuits, electrical equipment failure, and clog switching mechanisms. In some cases the ants have caused several thousand dollars in damage and remedial costs.

There’s another characteristic that makes Rasberry ants dangerous. The death of a Rasberry ant will cause it to release a chemical pheromone that summons other Rasberry ants to attack the threat. One exterminator said “… if a hundred-thousand are killed, millions more will attack.” Trying to exterminate these ants on your own can have hazardous consequences.

Rasberry Ant Control in Houston

In infested areas, large numbers of Rasberry ants have caused great aggravation to residents and homeowners. Infestations make it uncomfortable for residents to enjoy time in their yards. These pesky ants need to be dealt with.

Products that are effective in the treatment of Rasberry ants are not readily available to the public. If you believe your house or property is infested with these ants, call a professional pest control provider.

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