Downgrading Your Home In Houston

Sometimes in life, a major change can mean the need to downgrade to a smaller home.  Whether your kids move out or you receive a pay decrease, the important thing is to realize the need to change your lifestyle.  But downgrading doesn’t always come easy; some things need to be taken into consideration.  Deciding on your new needs, finding a market for your old home, and finding a place for your stuff, are things to consider when you get started.  Doing things like putting your stuff into storage or simply being flexible with your asking price for your old home can help things go smoothly.

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Deciding on Your New Needs

If you’re looking to downgrade your home, you’ve already decided what you don’t need, but what exactly are you looking for?  This can be a bigger question than you anticipated, so it’s important to decide once and for all what you are looking for in your next home.  This can be the difference between whether you look for a new home in the Spring Branch neighborhood, an apartment in the downtown area, or a place in one of the many other Houston neighborhoods.

Finding the Market for Your Home

Once you’ve figured out exactly what you’re looking for in a new Houston home, it’s time to decide what to do with your old home.  Putting your home on the buying market requires a number of considerations.  Go online or talk to a Houston real estate agent to find out what the market is for homes similar to yours; this can give you the price range for your asking price.  It’s also important to decide what the lowest price is you’re willing to accept for your home.  It’s unreasonable to expect the selling of your home to go without some compromise, so being flexible will be expected of you.  The market of your place will depend on the neighborhood, so make sure you research the market of your specific Houston neighborhood.

What to Do with All That Stuff

One of the biggest issues that come along with downgrading into a smaller place is figuring out what to do with all the stuff that you’ve accumulated throughout the years.  Luckily, there are a number of options that you have at your disposal.  If you don’t have much to get rid of, having a garage sale can be a great way to minimize the amount of excess stuff that you have to take care of.  If you have stuff that you can’t seem to get rid of, or things that you don’t want to, consider moving your personal items into a storage facility.  Seasonal items, such as Christmas decorations or pool items are perfect candidates to be moved to off-site storage in Houston.  It can be the best idea to help alleviate the problem of too much stuff.

Settling In

Getting comfortable in your new home can be a longer process than you’d expect, especially if your downgrade is a major one.  If you’re downgrading into a different Houston neighborhood, there could be an adjustment period based on amenities in the new area, the commute that you now must take to work, or even something as simple as where you get your morning coffee.  It’s important to remember that no matter how major or minimal a downgrade actually is, your first home was once new as well, but it wasn’t long before it became familiar to you.  Given time, your new place will be as familiar to you as your old place was.

Downgrading can be a blessing in disguise and it can go smoothly if you plan ahead.  Once done, it can be a whole new beginning for you and your family.

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