Houston’s Striped Scorpions

The most common and widespread scorpion found in Texas is the Striped Bark scorpion (Centruroides vittatus). Houston homeowners are very well aquatinted with these stinging pests, but there is much more to this creepy-crawly pest than their sting.

Here’s everything you need to know about Houston’s Striped Bark scorpions:

Striped Bark ScorpionWhat Do Striped Scorpions Look Like?

Striped Bark scorpions vary in color depending on their habitat and age, but most are a dark orangish-brown with gold accents. They are a little bit darker in color than other species of bark scorpions. They are most known for their two, long, black stripes that run down their back.

An average Striped scorpion will measure about 2 ½ inches in length. A male Striped scorpion tail will be longer than the female’s, and both tails are longer and more slender than other species of scorpion.

Where Are Striped Scorpions Found?

Striped scorpions are frequently found throughout much of the south central and south-west United States. Found in states like Oklahoma and New Mexico, Striped scorpions are most prevalent in the state of Texas; including areas of Houston.

You can find them living under rocks, boards, and other debris in your yard. Additionally, they like to take up residence inside the cracks and crevices of stone walls, bricks, stones, and other landscaping features. These areas are commonly referred to as scorpion condos by us in the pest control biz.

Inside your home, you will find Striped scorpions hiding out in wall voids, attics, and any other secured location. They are active at night, and that’s when most accidental human encounters occur.

What Do Striped Scorpions Eat?

Striped scorpions do not burrow, but rather they forage; foraging for food in particular. Their favorite meal happens to be a cricket or cockroach, although they will also eat many other types of insects. They capture their meals, their insect prey, with their pinchers. While holding their next meal with pinchers, they will sting their prey as to paralyze it. Once paralyzed, it’s mealtime!

Striped Bark ScorpionWhat Can I Do About Striped Scorpions In My Houston Home?

It can be difficult to determine exactly how many scorpion you may have living inside your Houston, TX home. One way to check is to explore your home at night with a black light flashlight. Scorpion will glow neon blue under a black light, and will pop right out for you to see. If you are seeing a lot of scorpions, it’s best to call a Houston scorpion exterminator.

A scorpion control professional will be current on all of the latest methods of control, including dusting your voids, outlets, and attics with scorpion pesticide. Call a Houston scorpion control professional today!

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  1. Caleb

    If you detect striped scorpions or any other pest in your home I would highly suggest calling a professional pest control company immediately. They will know how to handle the situation safely and effectively.

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