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Have A Safe, Happy And Pest Free Halloween

Halloween is merely days away. Creatures and characters of all kinds will be walking our streets. Our family here at Bulwark wants to wish you and yours a very happy Halloween.

Take a minute to enjoy our latest Halloween video. Hopefully this won’t be happening at your place.

It’s National Cheese Pizza Day!

Happy National Cheese Pizza Day everyone. We hope that if you haven’t had pizza for lunch, then you’ll still consider it for dinner. On top of that, did you know that Houston’s Dolce Vita Pizzeria & Enoteca. Good job, Houston!

See the full list here, then get on down to Dolce Vita Pizzeria and celebrate with some of the best known pizza slices in the country.

Dolce Vita Pizzeria & Enoteca is nationally known for its culinary blend of wines and rustic pizza flavors.

500 Westheimer Rd.
Houston, TX 77006

Houston Local Arrested For Doing Motorists A Favor

We all like to be helped every now and again. If I have a huge cart of groceries and the lady behind only has milk and a screaming child I’ll gladly let her go ahead of me. Just the other day I was 8 cents short of buying something at the register at a gas station. The guy behind noticed, pulled out a dime and threw it on on the counter. Give a little. Get a little.

But not so for one of our own Houston locals. News reports say that Natalie Plummer was recently riding home on her bike from a grocery store. After spotting a speed trap she thought she’d lend one of those aforementioned mentioned helping hands.

Plummer got off her bike up the street and made a homemade sign warning oncoming drivers of the nearby trap. The officer spotted Plummer’s societal “good deed” and simply arrested the women for “standing in the street”. She was booked, jailed, and released on bond 12 hours later.

Plummer denies standing in the road like the officer claims and accuses the officer of making up facts because he knew he couldn’t charge her with holding a paper sign.


This, of course, all begs the thought what pests around our houses try to say to one another. As soon as those little insects know they’re infected with Bulwark’s high quality products you’d like to think they’d lend a helping hand on their way out.

“Hey, you might want to invade the next house. I just got here this morning and am already not feeling so hot.”

“Oh. Do these folks have pest control?”

“Worse! They have Bulwark Exterminating”

“OH SHOOT! Cover your mouths kids! Get behind me! RUUUUN!!”

So let’s make a concerted effort to help those around us. Hand the guy in line in front of you a dime if he needs it. Let the mom with a screaming child cut in front of you at the grocery store. And for you insects out there, if you know your house is being serviced by Bulwark, then please, please, please do your own kind a favor and spread the word.

Can You Control Raspberry Ants in Houston?

Foraging ants (Eciton drepanophara)

Foraging ants (Eciton drepanophara) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The crazy Raspberry ant is very pervasive and can cause many problems. They can displace other ants, insects, and wildlife. They can cause factory systems to shut down. They can contaminate water sources. They have even cause a few traffic problems when shorting out stop lights. They are indeed a nuisance pest.

Can Houston Exterminators get rid of raspberry ants?

Per a local new station, “Raspberry ants are uncontrollable.” The ants invade by the thousands. Treating yourself may provide temporary relief, but they keep coming back. One man reports that he sprays and every night he finds thousands of more dead ants. They just keep coming. They are attracted to your water supply, sugar, and climate controlled shelter. If they get in they will quickly multiply producing thousands of more ants every day. As they spread, they leave pheromones that attract more of their kind. Yes, its not a pretty sight and yes they are difficult to get rid of.

Seth, Bulwark Manager in Houston, Says He Can Do It.

While the raspberry ant isn’t an easy job to take on, it is something that can be controlled. “We have hundreds of successful cases of controlling these difficult ants, right here in Houston. It’s not easy, but with the right product and a dedicated team it can be done.” Bulwark isn’t the only pest control company that would disagree with the reporters stance on controlling raspberry crazy ants. There are other Houston exterminators that have successfully tackled the raspberry ant problem. “It would be a lie to say that others can’t do it. But I can only speak for my own track record.”

Houston Ant Control for Raspberry Ants

You can identify raspberry ants by their spastic walk. They almost look like they are dancing or having convulsions. Crazy is a very good description of them. But not to confuse other black crazy ants with the raspberry ant. Regular crazy ants have longer legs than the raspberry ant. The best treatment plan applies products that will slowly kill of the colony. If you kill of the colony too quickly then you will never get the queen or queens, raspberry ants have more than one queen. Killing off the queens is key to successful Houston ant control.

Crazy Ants Moving Through Out Texas

Raspberry ants may have started in Houston of the docks of a few ships, but they have spread across the state and state lines. Currently, Raspberry ant problems are being found in Georgetown and Round Rock. They are spreading and as a whole, they are probably impossible to control and contain at this point.

Need Houston Ant Control?

Call Bulwark Exterminating.

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Ants in amber, found on Mombasa Island, on dis...

Ants in amber, found on Mombasa Island, on display at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Springtails Video – Bulwark Exterminating

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Bulwark Pest Control – Initial Service

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Bulwark Exterminating – Houston pest control

have never had a problem since being with this company. Tyler was our tech this last time, and came in the time frame he was supossed to. Left receipt in door (was not home at the time). Closed all gates. He did a great job. Thanks;_ylt=As0ty4qyA99ot5em_xB7pZKKNcIF;_ylv=3?target=aFaxU0imYRuZEgCPMRRvXqMQIVMPiJl92Atn1

Thank you Gary for the Bulwark Exterminating customer review and thank you Tyler for being a great exterminator for our company.  Keep up the good work and eventually there will be no bugs left to hate you for what you do for a living!

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