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Houston, we MIGHT have a problem.

Bed bugs have recently been receiving a bit of the spotlight, as they’ve shown up in mass numbers in various cities across the country. New York is usually the first state to come to mind with this problem. This is probably due to the media attention given to some of the higher profile sightings. News of the Hollister and Abercrombie stores’ infestation in New York City spread as fast as wild fire. The Empire State Building had a sizable sighting of its own, which seemed to originate in the changing lockers. They figured that the bugs may have hitched a ride on an employee. And who knows if that employee is a resident of an apartment complex.

Speaking of. It seems we have a local apartment complex of our own that is battling these little critters. An apartment complex in The Woodlands is apparently having quite an issue, as reported in the Montgomery County News, and some of the residents say they have been having issues for over a year. Thirty miles from downtown Houston doesn’t seem that far away when all they need to do is hitch a ride in a sport coat, or in a gym bag.

In reality, just because you saw your first one yesterday doesn’t mean they haven’t been there for much longer. Bed bugs can go undetected for weeks, or even months, because many times their bites go undetected. Not everyone will notice bed bug bites because your reaction to those bites is individualized. So unless you, or someone nearby, has visible marks which are typically an allergic reaction to their saliva, you may be their constant source of food. Itchy red blotches are also indicative of a bed bug infestation. Currently, bed bugs are not known to carry or transmit infectious diseases.  Here’s a nice video on how to inspect for bed bugs around the room.

Bulwark Exterminating does not necessarily specialize in bed bugs, but there is a similar chord between a bed bug infestation and a scorpion infestation (which we DO specialized in). We, at the office, typically chuckle when we hear the claim “My neighbor has scorpions, but I don’t.” Or, “We had scorpions last year, but haven’t seen any yet this year, so they must be gone.” To which we reply, “If your neighbor has them, then YOU have them.” and “If you had them then, then you have them now.”  In the case of bed bugs, your neighbor would have to be be living in a completely sealed environment (no cracks or crevices to the outside world), and said neighbor would have to have never left his/her house since the first sighting.  Basically live in a vacuum.  But even before the first sighting it was probably already too late.

So keeps your eyes peeled, Houston. We may, or may not, have a problem.