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Top 3 Pests In Houston

I was fortunate enough to sit down with one of the pest management professionals at Bulwark Exterminating in Houston a few days ago, and get some much needed advice about some of the pests in the area.

One of the questions I really was interested in getting an answer too was, “What are the most common pests in the Houston area you guys get call about?”

Here are the top three pests in Houston:

3. Crazy Ants

Ants on raspberries

If I was to ask what the most called about pests are in Houston a couple years ago, the Crazy ant would not have even made the top ten. This ant, also referred to as the Rasberry Crazy ant or the Tawny Crazy ant, is a virtual newcomer to Houston. Even though this ant is relatively new to the area, it is taken over in huge numbers; pushing out other species of ant.

The reason Bulwark get’s so many calls about Crazy ants is that they will literally go everywhere. They invade homes, attracted to electrical impulses of our electronics and appliances. Once inside, they’ll nest in walls, and will damage electrical equipment by swarming inside. This behavior in known to cause air conditioners, and other electrical equipment to short out and fail. The result? Expensive repairs. Its because of this reason, homeowners get professional Houston ant control; before Crazy ant problems escalate.

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2. Fire Ants

Fire Ant Face

It’s hard to argue with the Fire ant being number two on the list of most common called about pests in Houston… Their stings are miserable! Fire ants make it really hard to send your kids out in the back yard to play. When your kids’ curiosity sets in, they’re going to disturb one of the fire ant mounds… It may even be by accident. Upon doing so, the colony of Fire ants will come spilling out of the mound, ready to defend their nest by stinging! When they sting, they grab tight with their pinchers and continuously sting with their abdomen in a circular motion. Multiply this a dozen times, and you have a very painful and unfortunate situation on your hands. Ouch!

When you see those huge ant mounds in your backyard, it’s time to enlist the services of a Houston Fire ant control professional.

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1. Cockroaches


The hot and humid Houston weather, combined with the moderate winters, make ideal breeding conditions for cockroaches. Their sheer numbers are almost incomparable to almost any other major U.S. city. The mass quantities of cockroaches in Houston make them the number one most frequent pest in Houston.

Cockroaches are bugs of the night, scurrying around in the darkness looking for food and water. They are not fussy eaters at all, eating whatever organic substance they can find inside your home. Roaches are reported to spread some 33 different kinds of bacteria, diseases, worms and parasites. Professional Houston roach control is needed to eliminate them from your home.

Houston Pest Control 

If you are tired of battling Crazy ants, Fire ants, cockroaches, or any other type of pest; it’s time to call an exterminator!

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