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Houston Ant Control

Houston AntsThe fast paced city of Houston is packed with nearly 2.2 million people. With such an enormous population Houston, is much like a crowed ant colony.  The good news is that the population of ants can be controlled to ensure they won’t infest the home. The bad news is that once ants reach the home, they are much harder to control.

What types of ants are in Houston? 

Houston is home to a variety different types of the ants. Some of the more popular ants that live in Houston are: Carpenter ants, Black Crazy ants, Fire ants, Ghost ants, Little Black ants, Pharaoh ants, and the Thief ants. All of theses ants will have a different habitat but can pose a huge problem on the home, and its residents when the ants do infest.

Where will Houston ants be found? 

On the outside of the home, ants can be found all over the property. Some of the main areas ants will be found are under rocks, walking stones, logs, in the pavement cracks, gardens, decks, and just in the lawn. On the inside of home ants can be found in pantries, around windows, bathrooms, bedrooms, garages, by cat and dog food bowls, and inside the walls of the home.

 What can be done to control the ants? 

To completely control the ants, an ant control specialist can come to the home and treat for them.  To do a full ant treatment, the ant control specialist will need to treat both the inside and the outside of the home. On the outside, the specialist will need to power spray the foundation of the home, treat the windows and doors, and bait any ant colonies. On the inside of the home, the specialist should treat the windows, doors, bait any places where the ants are continually seen, and an in-wall treatment should be done. An in-wall treatment will exterminate any ants living inside the walls of the home.

How to prevent ants from infesting the home? 

Keeping a good strong barrier around the home, year round, will prevent ants from ever invading the home. This is done by power spraying around the foundation of the home and treating the windows and doors. The plants are where the ants will get a constant water supply and need to be treated as well. To treat this area granules are used. The granules will soak down to the ants and help exterminate any ants trying to get water.

Look for good reviewed ant control companies online.  

There are hundreds of ant control companies in Houston, and it can be difficult to pick a good one. To help save time, look online for a good ant control company. When online, there will be reviews that will say how well the treatments work, how will the company’s costumer service is, and how fast it takes the company to get to the home. Some good online reviews sites are: Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Google, and Family Own Pest Control. Picking the right ant control company first will save money and headache in the long run.

Houston Ant Control

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