5 Bed Bug Secrets: Surprising Facts About These Notorious Little Pests

Bed bugs have been in the news a lot lately. Because of all the information floating around about these pests, you may feel like there is very little left to learn. Bed bugs are tricky little creatures, though, and there are a number of facts about them that might take you by surprise. These five bed bug “secrets” might change the way you see bed bugs forever.

Bedbug Close-Up

1. Bed bugs are everywhere.

Most people are under the impression that bed bugs are primarily found in large cities. However, that isn’t the case. Bed bugs have made an appearance in all 50 states of the U.S., although they are more prevalent in urban areas. It is a little easier for the pests to spread in highly populated cities, which is why there are more reported cases there than in rural settings.

In addition, hotels are not the only places where you can pick up bed bugs. They are found in apartments, houses, dorms, movie theaters, and even on buses. Bed bugs can make a home just about anywhere, although it is more common to find them in places where people sleep.

2. Bed bugs don’t need to eat every day (or even every week!).

It takes a long time for a bed bug to starve to death. These little pests can survive for nearly a year and a half without feeding, so don’t rely on a mattress encasement to solve your problem. The covers are known to tear or wear down over time, which allows bed bugs to escape. While they are certainly helpful tools in the battle against these pests, it is important to also consult an exterminator and get professional treatment to ensure the bed bugs are gone.

3. Bed bug bites do not follow a predictable pattern.

Have a strange, itchy bite? It is natural to go online to look up your symptoms, although it may not be the best idea. Bed bug bites often look different depending on the person suffering from them. Many times, the bites do occur in groups of three. However, there are some people that either don’t react to the bites at all or that have bites scattered about their body.

4. It is hard to determine when you were bitten by bed bugs.

When the bed bug initially bites you, it doesn’t hurt. Many people don’t react to the bite for several weeks, if at all, meaning that that is hard to pin down when and where you were bitten. In addition, the rash or bite that results is often mistaken for something else, like a mosquito bite.

5. Bed bugs know what they are doing.

Bed bugs know how to hide and avoid detection. During the daytime, when it should be easier to find them, they move into the smallest cracks and crevices in the room. They make their way into picture frames, box springs, wallpaper or electrical outlets. Only at night, when humans remain still for a significant period of time, do they creep out from their hiding spots.

Bed bugs are complicated pests; they are difficult to find and even harder to get rid of. Hopefully, unraveling some of their secrets will help you understand them better and deal with them more effectively if they decide invade your home.

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