Houston Residents Battling Fire Ants


fire_ant_worker1 (Photo credit: bart_drees)

If you live anywhere in the Houston, TX area you have likely had an unfortunate encounter with the Red Imported Fire ant. These ants have the reputation of being one of the worst pests in Texas, and rightfully so. In terms of human health, property damage, and environmental damage; no other pest can match the malevolence of these property pests… And Houston residents know it!

Houston Fire Ants

Residents of Houston, and surrounding areas, have been battling Red Imported Fire ants since their arrival in the late 1930’s. Their population has spread tremendously; so much in fact that certain areas in Texas have reported some 200 Fire Ant mounds per acre. That’s a scary thought considering one fire ant mount can house more than 250,000 ants a piece.

Another scary thought is that stings from these ants have been responsible for some 100+ deaths. Most of these deaths occur when someone who is stung has insect allergies. Painful fire ant stings can send a victim into anaphylactic shock. A sting victim will experience pain, swelling, itching, redness, dizziness, disorientation, and vomiting.

As you can imagine, these ants can create a major pest control problem for homeowners and local residents. Bulwark Pest Control technicians report that Fire Ants are one of the most frequently called about pests in the Houston, Texas area.

The Impact Of Fire Ants In Texas

Fire ant nest

Fire ant nest (Photo credit: Martin LaBar (going on hiatus))

If their stings weren’t serious enough, Fire Ants can also cause severe property and agricultural damage. Fire Ant mounds can measure several feet in diameter and reach eight feet deep into the soil. This building activity has damaged plant roots, lead to the loss of crops, and interfered with agricultural cultivation.

On top of it all, Red Imported Fire ants are also attracted to electrical wiring and equipment. They are known for creeping into the electrical wiring of stop lights and shorting them out. This activity is the leading cause of traffic light malfunctions in Texas.

In the state of Texas, Red Imported Fire ants cause more than $140 million in damage each year.

The FDA estimates more than $5 billion is spent annually on medical treatment, damage, and control in Fire Ant infested areas.

Ant Control For Fire Ants

Red Imported Fire ant infestations are very challenging to completely eliminate. A one time treatment from an exterminator, or a do-it-yourself pest control method, will only break up the ants into smaller colonies as they wait out the effects of the pesticide. Controlling Fire Ant populations takes consistent effort, and ant control strategies, from a professional who has experience in treating these malevolent insects.

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