Freakish Football Sized Snails Invade Houston


Freakish Football Sized Snails Invade Houston, TX

A giant African snail has been found right here in Houston, TX. Someone who lives on Twin Circle drive in the Briar Forrest area found on in their garden. After the snail that was spotted, it happened to get away and nobody knows where it went. Don’t ask me how it got away… it’s not like snails are fast. These snails have local residents, and scientists, worried. Where there is one snail, there will likely be many, many more.

The giant African land snail reproduces very rapidly. They can lay as many as 100 eggs a month, so it’s likely there are more like the one found on Twin Circle Drive came from. Parts of Florida are also currently under attack, with these freakish snails being found by the thousands.

These snails are about eight inches in length, and four inches in diameter. The biggest ones found are reported to be about the size of a football.

Giant African Land Snail Escapes

Giant African Land Snail Escapes (Photo credit: sarflondondunc)

Giant African Snails Are Destructive

These giant African snails are quite a site, but scientists warn about the damage they can inflict to both humans and to property. These massive snails will make hole in the stucco and plaster on your home. If you run over one of them with your car, its shell can blow out your tire. They also feed on 500 different types of Houston plants, destroying your beautiful landscaping.

Giant African Snails Carry Deadly Disease

In addition to being destructive to your property, these gigantic African snails also carry a deadly disease that causes life-threatening meningitis. This parasitic disease can cause a lot of harm to humans, and sometimes even cause death. People are being warned not to touch them. You can get very sick if you do handle them. Most kids would look at a big snail like this and want to touch it. Neighbors and Houston residents need to be warned to stay away from these massive snails.

Pest Control In Houston, TX

If you are a Houston, TX resident and are seeing giant African land snails on your property, keep your distance and get professional Houston pest control.

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