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Avoid These Common DIY Pest Control Errors

Black Widow SpiderHomeowners generally think they’re doing themselves a favor and saving big bucks by handling their own pest control. However, the reality is that they are usually doing themselves a disservice by not employing a trained, experienced professional to eliminate the problem for good. Do-it-yourself pest management efforts often end up a failure because of the lack of knowledge most people possess about the task, and it leads to a worsening situation. Here are some of the most common errors made when trying the DIY approach to pest control.

Misuse or Overuse of Pesticides

It’s easy for someone inexperienced to misuse or overuse pesticides, which frequently occurs during DIY pest control. People that don’t know much about the negative effects that pesticides can have on the environment and their own health, or just don’t care, are quick to purchase over-the-counter products and apply liberally all over the yard and in every nook and cranny inside.

Typical mistakes that homeowners make with pesticide use is administering too much, combining products that shouldn’t be mixed, spraying in windy conditions and using the wrong kind of chemicals for a particular infestation.

Not Getting to the Root of the Infestation

If your first reaction is to immediately stomp on or spray any bugs that come into your line of sight in an attempt to kill them off, you’re not alone. This is what most people tend to do, but it isn’t always the best line of defense. There are many pests that live in colonies (like ants and bees), and even if you get rid of the one or two you see roaming around your home, that means the rest have been left somewhere else and you’ll soon be contending with them as well.

The best course of action to take is to find out where the source of the infestation actually is and treat the entire colony accordingly. The benefit of using a pest control expert is that they know the habits of various insects and exactly where to look for them.

Black Widow SunsetOnly Inspecting For Pests During Daytime Hours

To get an accurate assessment of possible pest situations, inspections should be done at different times of the day. Many homeowners only search during daylight hours, completely missing all the insects and rodents that come crawling out at night. A quick sweep of the property generally won’t allow you to come to the most valid conclusion on your need for pest control.

Believing There isn’t a Problem if Pests Aren’t Physically Seen

Insects and rodents are masters at hiding in the smallest, darkest cracks and crevices of a building, so just because you may not see them, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Without periodic inspections conducted thoroughly by a professional, you could unknowingly be living with pests that are leaving germs and destruction in their wake, wreaking havoc on your health and home. A good example of this is termites since they can go undetected in the depths of a home for years, all the while feeding on wood and causing major structural damage.

If you know you’ve made some of these mistakes yourself, take extra care to correct future problems with the help of a pest control professional.

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What Is the Best Way to Kill a Roach?

When dealing with pests, there will be a point wherein you’ll feel at a loss about what to do. Roaches, in particular, are pretty resilient insects. Once you kill one, ten more will appear. Also, even if you behead these horrible creatures, you’ll still see them crawling or flailing their legs as they go belly up. It’s really a challenge to get rid of roaches. Just imagine, these creatures have existed for millions of years, even way before humans have. Roaches are among the oldest pests around, and many even say that these critters will outlive humans. So, how can you fight with the level of evolution that roaches possess?

Using Pesticides against Roaches

Boric Acid

Borax or boric acid is one of the most common and effective pesticides that is used to eradicate cockroaches. How does this work? Boric acid, which you’ll find in powder form, acts as an abrasive that scratches the surface or exoskeleton of these creatures. Once the outer layer is damaged, roaches can easily die due to dehydration.

Boric acid must be applied properly. Generally, you’ll need to create a boric acid barrier. Once roaches step on the powder, they won’t be able to help but ingest the harmful substance as they groom themselves. They can also carry the powder to their colony and spread it to others. You can also make borax-based baits that you need to put near places where you often see these nasty animals.

Diatomaceous Earth

You can also use DE to get rid of cockroaches. This is pretty safe and eco-friendly. The stuff is sprinkled near where roaches are and then it sticks on the exoskeleton. DE works in more or less the same manner as boric acid.

Pesticide Sprays

You may be tempted to swat those bothersome critters, but stop before you do. It’s messy and you might only spread harmful microorganisms. Instead of squashing roaches with whatever you can get your hands on, use pesticide sprays instead. Chemical sprays not only kill roaches, but these also leave residues that ward off others. If you are hesitant about using pesticides, try a more environmentally friendly and safer approach with a spray made from water mixed with a few tablespoons of dishwashing liquid. This will suffocate them.

Roach Bomb

Experts say that roaches can even survive a nuclear explosion. But you can still use a roach bomb, such as a carbamate bomb, to inflict a lot of damage on the population of cockroaches living in your apartment or house. Before you go ahead and blast one of these things off, get help from a pest control expert first. There are safety measures that you have to follow since pesticide bombs are pretty toxic. Professionals do not actually recommend this method because it is very dangerous, especially if an untrained individual does the work himself. Many issues need to be carefully dealt with. For instance, the affected house must be properly cordoned off and sealed. Once the bomb is detonated, the house becomes uninhabitable for at least 48 hours. Afterwards, every exposed surface must be cleaned thoroughly to get rid of residual poison.


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