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Houston Local Arrested For Doing Motorists A Favor

We all like to be helped every now and again. If I have a huge cart of groceries and the lady behind only has milk and a screaming child I’ll gladly let her go ahead of me. Just the other day I was 8 cents short of buying something at the register at a gas station. The guy behind noticed, pulled out a dime and threw it on on the counter. Give a little. Get a little.

But not so for one of our own Houston locals. News reports say that Natalie Plummer was recently riding home on her bike from a grocery store. After spotting a speed trap she thought she’d lend one of those aforementioned mentioned helping hands.

Plummer got off her bike up the street and made a homemade sign warning oncoming drivers of the nearby trap. The officer spotted Plummer’s societal “good deed” and simply arrested the women for “standing in the street”. She was booked, jailed, and released on bond 12 hours later.

Plummer denies standing in the road like the officer claims and accuses the officer of making up facts because he knew he couldn’t charge her with holding a paper sign.


This, of course, all begs the thought what pests around our houses try to say to one another. As soon as those little insects know they’re infected with Bulwark’s high quality products you’d like to think they’d lend a helping hand on their way out.

“Hey, you might want to invade the next house. I just got here this morning and am already not feeling so hot.”

“Oh. Do these folks have pest control?”

“Worse! They have Bulwark Exterminating”

“OH SHOOT! Cover your mouths kids! Get behind me! RUUUUN!!”

So let’s make a concerted effort to help those around us. Hand the guy in line in front of you a dime if he needs it. Let the mom with a screaming child cut in front of you at the grocery store. And for you insects out there, if you know your house is being serviced by Bulwark, then please, please, please do your own kind a favor and spread the word.