Funny Crazy Ant Joke… Not so Funny Ant

This just in from our Austin Pest control team…

“What ant would try to weather an Austin winter without a little food storage? You would have to be a crazy ant!”
Quoted from Austin we have an Ant ProblemAustin Pest Controller

Sure laugh it up over in Austin where you don’t have a rasberry crazy ant problem!

But I am sure you won’t be laughing for long.  The rasberry crazy ant is about 90 miles from San Antonio and heading your direction Austin, TX.  And I know it’s about that scary Halloween time right now, but this isn’t a Trick or Treatment. Like one wicked stage blogger wrote…. “A BAD HORROR FILM”

It does almost sound like a bad horror film. …they came off a ship…wander randomly… shorting out electrical boxes and screwing up computers!!! …They’ve been doing their thing in that area (Houston) since 2002 and folks are working on finding a way to get rid of them, but it isn’t easy!”

Crazy ants require that homes and buildings keep up a constant barrier (i.e. Bulwark).  Crazy Rasberry Ants attack by the billions. If your neighbor has them then good luck trying to protect yourself with a do-it-yourself ant control bait.  This pest is giving many professional exterminators a run for their money.  In fact, the resident pest control experts on rasberry ants are picking up accounts left and right from companies that can’t get rid of rasberry ants.

So how do you get rid of rasberry ants?  How do you get rid of crazy ants?  How do you get rid of carpeter ants?  How do you get rid of any and all ants?

The one simple solution to get rid of all your ants… Ant Control.

Just pick up the phone can call…281-668-4930 … Its that simple.

And who better to fight an army of ants then a retired military exterminator? You want them… Bulwark has em.

Ant Control Houston sponsored by…

Bulwark Exterminating – Houston Pest Control
10900 Brittmoore Park Dr
Houston, TX 77041

Want a Home Remedy for ant control?  Call us and we will remedy your home.

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